MatOx focuses on the development and commercialisation of breakthrough new materials, working in close partnership with both world-leading research institutions and top-tier industrial companies to ensure that the development projects we invest in are ambitiously technology-driven but also pragmatically market-led.

At the heart of our activities we are harnessing the latest advances in computational modelling and simulation to deepen our fundamental understanding of materials design, increase prospects for step-change innovation and reduce time-to-market for the resulting materials technology.

Across a broad spectrum of industries, innovations in materials technology are the underpinnings of future earnings, with examples ranging from medical devices in the healthcare sector through next-generation semiconductors in the ICT industries, to the materials technologies required to realise truly sustainable energy supply

MatOx exists to meet this demand for new materials by bringing technical excellence, market-focus, funding and technology development experience to the translation of groundbreaking materials science into marketable new materials products.